Below you will find rig designs and code for your experimental needs. We will continue to update, so please check back periodically.

Feel free to use and modify for non-commercial purposes (contact Michael for bug reports and suggestions).


Post processing pipeline for 2-photon calcium imaging data

Contributors: Michael Goard, Gerald Pho, James Roney

Features: (1) Rigid/non-rigid registration, (2) Automatic and manual ROI detection GUI, (3) Adaptive neuropil subtraction


Wide field imaging scope design and software

Contributors: Michael Goard, Kevin Sit, Raquel Abreu

Features: (1) Scope design for measuring bulk calcium signals in superficial cortex, (2) MATLAB-based software for mapping higher visual regions


Head restraint hardware designs

Contributors: Michael Goard

Features: (1) Head plate, (2) Rig-mounted head plate holder, (3) Lightblocker for visual stimulation experiments


Automated behavior software

Contributors: Nigel Bess, Kevin Sit

Features: (1) General game engine for designing visual tasks using psychtoolbox, (2) Automated behavior software for running game engine software unsupervised on home cage training rigs