Ruoslahti Research Laboratory at UC Santa Barbara

Visitor Information

Photo of the Biology II Building

The Ruoslahti Lab is located in the Biology II Building (Bio II) at the University of California Santa Barbara. The campus is located 3 miles north of Santa Barbara and 90 miles north of Los Angeles. The UCSB campus may be accessed easily from many major US cities by flying into the Santa Barbara Airport, located about 0.5 miles from the campus entrance. The Santa Barbara Air Bus also provides roundtrip service from the Los Angeles Airport to its Goleta terminal, located within 1 mile of the UCSB campus.

Traveling North on Highway 101 From Los Angeles

Take the Airport / UCSB exit (Highway 217) off U.S. 101 to the campus East Gate. Proceed along Mesa Road until you reach the Parking Kiosk on the north side of the Mesa Parking Structure.

Traveling South on Highway 101 From San Francisco

Take the Storke Road / Glen Annie Road exit off U.S. 101 Turn right on Storke Road and proceed two miles to El Colegio Road. Turn left on El Colegio Road and proceed to the campus West Gate entrance.

Parking Regulations

Visitors to UC Santa Barbara are required to have a valid parking permit and must observe Parking Regulations while on campus.