Open Postions

The Simpson Lab has recently relocated from the HHMI Janelia Research Campus to the vibrant research community and scenic surroundings of the University of California Santa Barbara. We have open positions at several levels: Senior Scientist, Post-doctoral Fellow, and Graduate Student.

The lab studies how neural circuits govern sequential motor behavior, using grooming in fruit flies as a model system.  Our work combines Drosophila genetics, neuroethology, optogenetics and functional imaging of neural activity to discover general principles of serial action selection.  For more information, see Seeds et al. (2014), eLife and website.


Experience with one or more of the following: two-photon calcium imaging, quantitative behavior analysis, Drosophila genetics.
Knowledge of basic statistical/computational analysis. Experience with MATLAB a plus.
Comfort with instrumentation.
An analytical mind, solid work ethic, love of discovery, and belief in teamwork.

Research Projects

Targeted genetic screens to define neural circuits that generate and modulate sequential grooming behavior
Functional imaging of relevant neural circuits during active behavior
Quantification of leg movements in response to competing sensory stimuli