Principal Investigator

Our lab investigates the molecular mechanisms by which cellular stress response networks reinstate homeostasis or promote cell death. By understanding how these networks are wired in healthy cells we can discern how they become re-wired during disease.

Project Scientists

Fritzi is interested on the molecular mechanisms by which cellular stress responses become rogue cytoprotectors in cancer cells.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Carlos is interested on defining the features that render an RNA molecule harmful and the cellular mechanisms that detect and respond to these harmful RNAs.

Francesca is interested in understanding how stress signals can be transmitted between cells, specifically on cell non-autonomous UPR mechanisms.

Graduate Students

Soham is interested in the molecular mechanisms by which cells detect harmful RNAs.

Michael is interested in the post-transcriptional determinants of stress responses, particularly those which influence the translation of select mRNAs.   

Nerea is interested in the mechanisms by which cells sense harmful RNAs and react to them.