Clegg Lab Images

Farewell Dinner for Dr. Mei Jiang, November 2018. (L-R) Andrew Garcia, Katie Pham, Dr. Mei Jiang, Vignesh Nadar, Dr. Britney Pennington, Dr. Jeff Bailey, DOC, Dr. Leah Foltz, Mohamed Faynus, Mitchell Hee, Cassidy ArnoldClegg Lab at the Cube Escape Room in Goleta. (L-R) Dr. Jeff Bailey, Dr. Dennis Clegg, Dr. Britney Pennington, Mohamed Faynus, Cassidy Arnold, Dr. Leah Foltz, Isabella Mellits, Dr. Mei Jiang.TEDx Santa Barbara to see Grad Student Leah Foltz present. (L-R) Dr. Mei Jiang, Marta Stevanovic, Dr. Dennis Clegg, Katharine McLean, Vignesh Nadar.Dennis Clegg at the 2017 Retina Conference in Dublin, Ireland.Clegg Lab, July 2017.Faynus & Foltz, plaid the lab. 2017. (L-R) Mohamed Faynus, Leah FoltzKelsy Siegel's Graduation Lunch, March 10th, 2017. (L-R) Veronica Karpinski, Mohamed Faynus, Dr. Britney Pennington, Melanie Lock, Katharine McLean, Leah Foltz, Kelsy Siegel, Dr. Dennis Clegg, Dr. Mei Jiang.Farewell dinner for Dr. Tracy Clevenger at Endless Summer.(2016) Left to Right: Dr. Mei Jiang, Dr. Britney Pennington, Dr. Tracy Clevenger, Katharine McLean, Cassidy Arnold, Kelsy Siegel, Leah Foltz, Dr. Dennis CleggLab Boat Party aboard Dr. Clegg's vessel, The Faculty Meeting II. (2016) From Left: Katharine McLean, Dr. Jeff Bailey, Dr. Britney Pennington, Justin LaForge, Kelsy Siegel, Dr. Mei Jiang, Dr. Tracy Clevenger, John Macy, and Leah Foltz.Grad student Leah Foltz sails past during the Clegg Lab Boat Party. (2016)Dr. Britney Pennington hard at work. (2016)DOC can even make Alan Alda laugh.(2016)Celebrating Dr. Dennis Clegg being the first person to hold the newly endowed Wilcox Family Chair in BioMedicine. (2014) From Left: Dr. Britney Pennington, Katharine McLean, Dr. Dennis Clegg, Cassidy Arnold, William Thi2014 Santa Barbara Vision Walk. Left to Right: Roxanne Croze, Michelle Maloney, Lyndsay Leach, Tracy Clevenger2014 Santa Barbara Vision Walk. Left to Right: Roxanne Croze,Tracy Clevenger, Dennis O. Clegg, Michelle Maloney, Lyndsay LeachFiesta Dinner 2013Fiesta Dinner 2013Teisha's Defense BBQ at Goleta Beach. (L-R): Teisha Rowland, Josh Dorst, Amy DeWitt, Lyndsay Leach, Britney Pennington, Cassidy Hinman, Dave Buchholz, Dennis Clegg, Rebekah Ashley and Tracy Clevenger.(L-clockwise) Teisha Rowland, Andrew Bonham, Chris Banna, Molly Baker, Dennis Clegg, Britney Pennington, Dave Buchholz, Cassidy Hinman, Liane MillerThe RPE Christmas Tree: RPE cells with fluorescent reporters (Lyndsay Leach, Roxanne Croze, Dave Buchholz).Induced pluripotent stem cells stained for the transcription factor Oct4 (Teisha Rowland).(L-R) Kareem Ahmad, Rebekah Ashley, Julian Davis, Dave Buchholz, Eiko Tsuchida, Laura Pashkowski, Sergiu Leu(L-R) Lisa Conti, Sherry Hikita, Qirui Hu, Michael Abrouk, Chelsea Presbrey, Dave Buchholz, Dennis Clegg, Molly Baker, Ali Blaschke, Cassidy Hinman, Teisha Rowland, Rebekah Ashley, Liane Miller, Amy Friedrich and Britney Pennington.(L-R) Molly Baker, Liane Miller, Dave Buchholz, Britney Pennington, and Rebekah Ashley.We'll miss you, too, Rebekah!Neural Rossetes from stem cells on the left and actual flowrs on the right (Dave Buchholz, 2009.)Pete Coffey and Dennis Clegg, Stem Cell Center Grand Opening, 2012.UCSB Trainees funded by the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), 2010. (L-R) Alan Trounson, President of CIRM, Sherry Hikita, Teisha Rowland, Misty Riddle, Patricia Olson, VP of CIRM, Poornima Kolhar, and Dennis Clegg.Grand Opening for the Stem Cell Center (L to R) Pete Coffey, Mark Humayun,Dennis Clegg, Jamie Thomson (Photo by Dave Proffer).Beachside Goodbye Lunch for Amy DeWitt, Carrie Wall and Chinchilla, 2012.Dave Buchholz at the zooDave Buccholz's Defense BBQ at Goleta Beach. (L-R): Dennis Clegg, Dave Buchholz, and proud parents.Pete Coffey, Dennis Clegg, Tom Soh, and Jamie Thomson.RPE derived from hESC stained with Zo-1 and Dapi (Sherry Hikita, 2012).Dennis Gervin and Dennis CleggFiesta 2012Lisa ContiJeremy Bentham Absolut Clegg Lab 2001Co-ed Softball LeagueGraduate student David Buchholz (now at Rockefeller University) circa 2009.Clegg Lab, 2008. (L-R) Qirui Hu, Molly Baker, Amy Friedrich, Dave Buchholz, Dennis Clegg, Sergiu Leu, Teisha Rowland, Liane Miller, Susanne Meyer, Sherry Hikita.Letter from Nancy Regan for Stem Cell Town Hall Meeting, 2008.Clegg Lab 2002: (L-R) Sherry Hikita, Erin Tolhurst, Vivian Erickson, Steve Morris, Sergiu Leu, Dennis Clegg, Julian Davis, Rayelle Jones. Clegg Lab, 2007: (L-R) Teisha Rowland, Leslie Tong, Sherry Hikita, Amy Friedrich, Eiko Tsuchida, Cameron Clegg, Dave Buchholz, Dennis Clegg. Clegg Lab Group Retreat at Hollister Ranch, 2008: (L-R) Susanne Meyer, Lauren Doss, Amy Friedrich, Qirui Hu, Teisha Rowland, Julian Davis, Dennis Clegg, Sherry Hikita, Dave Buchholz, Laura Pashkowski, Zelalem Dawit.Clegg Lab 2001. (L-R) Sherry Hikita, Sergiu Leu, Kevin Wingerd, Erin Dunkle, Ramon Y Cajal, Stuart Webb, Susan Jaques, Billy Wayne, DOCAmy Bradshaw (Professor, Medical University of South Carolina) in 1995.Clegg Lab, Summer 1990; (L-R): Rob Chen, Dennis Clegg, Cameron Clegg, Ron Lebel, Esther Choi, Mark Eckley, Dennis Gervin, Eddie Weldon, Jackie Johnson, Sherrie Johnson, and Amy Bradshaw (missing: Gordon Cann and Pete Sullivan)Clegg Lab at Magic Mountain, 1999. (L-R) Sergiu Leu, Corrie Bott, Linda Mullick, Steve Rohan, Kevin Wingerd, Ryan Knowles.Clegg Lab, July 1989; FRONT SEAT: Esther Choi, Amy Bradshaw, Pete Sullivan, Dennis Gervin; BACK SEAT: Julie Snyder, Mark Eckley, Gordon Cann; TRUNK: Jackie Johnson, John Mason, and Dennis Clegg.Clegg Lab, August, 1988; (L-R) Melanie Mark, Jeff Miller, Alice Well, Esther Choi, Pete Sullivan, Dennis Clegg, and Darren Singer.