Project Scientists
Name Years in Lab Current Position
Pan Young Jeong 2006-Dec. 2018 Project Scientist In Max Wilson Lab at UCSB
Postdoctoral Researchers
Name Years in Lab Current Position
Bilge Birsoy 2006-2013 Lecturer, University of Colorado, Boulder
Tim Bloss 1999-2005 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology James Madison University
Davon Callander 2013-2014 Post doctoral Fellow at Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Ling Chen 2003-2011 Senior Scientist, Intrexon, Blacksburg, Virginia
Kyle Chipman 2012-2013 Deep Learning Engineering Manager at Roche Sequencing Solutions
Shin Sik Choi 2006-2010 Assistant Professor, Myongji University
Brent Derry 1997-2003 Professor, University of Toronto
Nate Dudley 2006-2012 Director at TrySci Community Biolabs, Kansas City, MO
Richard Halberg 1994 Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin- Dept. of Medicine
Kyunghee Koh 1997-2002 Associate Professor at Thomas Jefferson University
Kenji Kotani 2003-2004 Associate Professor, Dept. of Physiological Chemistry, U. Tokyo
Charles Leeck 1996-1997 Patent Attorney at Boyle Fredrickson
Morris Maduro 1997-2003 Professor of Biology, UC Riverside
Erin Newman-Smith 1997-2003 Director of Ascidian Stock Center, Univerisity of California, Santa Barbara
Asako Sugimoto 1992-1996 Professor, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
Jan Sumerel 2001-2002 Applications Manager, 3D printing, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Tiaga Suzuki 2004-2009 Deputy Manager, Pharmacovigilance Department, International Medical Information Center
Rebecca Terns 1993-1996 Scientific Research Development for University of Georgia
Graduate Students
Name Years in Lab Current Position
Cesar Orellana 7/ 2018-March 2020 Graduate Student
Melissa Alcorn 2013-2019 Former Graduate Student
Geneva Alok 2014-Dec 2020 Postdoctoral Researcher, Amgen, Thousand Oaks, CA
Julia Dey 2006-2013 Associate Medical Director at Arbor Scientia
Nareg Djabrayan 2004-2011 Post Doctoral Fellow, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, Princeton University | PU
Kim Ferguson 1991-1996 Senior Director, Program Management at Nektar Therapeutics
Masamitsu Fukuyama 1994-2002 Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo, Japan
Steve Gendreau 1992-1998 Signalling Franchise Biomarker Lead - Oncology Biomarkers at Genentech
Kelly Harradine 2000-2005 Patent Agent, Wilson, Sensini, Goodrich, and Rosa Law Firm, Palo Alto, CA
Kelsey Kanavel 2016 Former Masters student
Jodie Kasmir 1996-2000 Animation Program Director, Even, Inc. San Francisco, CA
Ashish Kumar 2004-2009 Director, Clinical Genomic Solutions, Philips, University of Michigan School of Business
Ayumi Kusano 1993 Assistant Professor, National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, Japan
Agustin Lopez Santos 2014-2018 Embryologist ; Oak Clinic Group Osaka, Japan
Thomas McCloskey 2001-2008 TrySci community biolabs, cofounder and CFO
Isabella Mengarelli 2001-2006 Academic Medical Center University of Amsterdam
Ivan Moskowitz 1992-1996 Associate Professor, University of Chicago
Jess Porter 2005-2011 Scientific Communications Director, Harvard Medical School
Aaron Putzke 1998-2003 Associate Professor of Biology at Whitworth University
Misty Riddle 2008-2014 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology, University of Nevada
Erica Sommermann 2006-2012 Medical Communications Manager at Amgen
Erik Spickard 2012-2019 Former Graduate Student
Eric Terry 2010-2017 Lecturer at MiraCosta College
Yamila Torres Clueren 2012-2016 Postdoc, University of Bergen, Norway
Eric Witze 1996-2003 Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania
Undergraduate Students
Name Years in Lab Current Position
Jessica Abesamis 2017-Dec 2018 Former lab assistant and undergraduate researcher with Ethan Ewe
Alec Barrios March 2017-June 2018 Former undergraduate researcher with Erik Spickard
Nandini Braganza 2017-December 2019 Former Undergraduate Researcher
Sophia Campione 6/2016-6/2017 Undergraduate
Danny Conrad 2015-2017 PhD Student in Biology at UCSF
Jonathan Fischer March 2017-June 2018 Former undergraduate researcher with Erik Spickard
Helen Kim June 2017-June 2018 Former lab assistant
Rushali Kothari 2017-June2019 Undergraduate Researcher
Clarissa Magallanes 6/2017-6/2018 Undergraduate
Raina Mendoca Sept 2018 - Mar 2020 Student Lab Assistant
Sabina Menzhausen 2017-2018 Undergraduate Researcher
Gigi Minsky 1/2018-6/2018 Undergraduate
Rachel Ng 6/2016 - 9/2018 previously Student Lab Assistant
Michael Teller 2017 Undergraduate
Neda Ziaei Kajbaf 2019 Former Undergraduate researcher with Caroline Ackley