Welcome to the Weimbs Laboratory at UC Santa Barbara

A major focus of this laboratory is the investigation of molecular mechanisms underlying polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and related renal diseases. Research in the Weimbs Laboratory has already led to a better understanding of aberrantly regulated signaling mechanisms in PKD and suggested possile new strategies for disease treatment. The Laboratory is aiming to discover new basic mechanisms of epithelial cell function and kidney physiology. The training of future scientists at the postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate level is another important mission of the Weimbs Laboratory.


Recent News and News Coverage

March 2014: Congratulations to Dr. Erin Olsan for passing her PhD thesis defense. 

March 2014: Congratulations to Jeff Talbot and all co-authors on the publication of our latest paper in JASN (link).

December 2013: Congratulations to Elyse Dewey, Katherine Lee, Claudia Jette, Emma Wrenn, and Sirpi Nackeeran who all were awarded URCA Undergraduate Research Grants to support their research projects in the lab.

August 2013: Radio interview, KCSB News (link).

August 2013: Weimbs Joins Grant-Reviewing Body of the National Institutes of Health (link).

May 2013: Jacob Torres was awarded a Graduate Opportunity Fellowship from UCSB for the 2013-14 academic year. This fellowship will support Jacob's thesis research investigating mechanisms underlying polycystic kidney disease.

April 2013: Claudia Jette was awarded the 2013 Perlegos Summer Research Fellowship to support her research project on polycystic kidney disease in the Weimbs Lab.

April 2013: Patrick Fann was awarded the 2013 Crowe Family Summer Research Fellowship to support his research project on polycystic kidney disease in the Weimbs Lab.

March 2013: Our new review article on STAT3 signaling in PKD has been published in the journal Drug Discovery Today: Disease Mechanisms and just came out online (link).

January 2013: The latest review article from the Weimbs Lab titled "Regulation of STATs by polycystin-1 and their role in polycystic kidney disease" has just appeared online in the journal JAK-STAT (link).

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