Interstellar Biology

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Pradeep Joshi

My research investigates the coordination between cell proliferation and differentiation using C. elegans germline stem cells (GSCs) as a paradigm. Research areas: Role of microRNAs in maintaining adult GSC homeostasis and buffering noise in the underlying gene regulatory network; Non-apoptotic roles of programmed cell death regulators during cellular growth, proliferation, and reprogramming.

Cricket Wood

I participate in and support several different research projects within the lab while managing the day to day running of the lab.

Erik Spickard Portrait

Erik Spickard

I work on cellular reprogramming in C. elegans, and my research is focused on the question of how a single transcription factor, ELT-7, is capable of inducing cell fate change within the context of fully differentiated cells, and developing organs. I am utilizing a combination of bioinformatic and functional genetic approaches to uncover the molecular mechanisms behind this novel phenomenon.

Research Collaborators

Physics Department; Director, Experimental Cosmology Laboratory, Space Research Laboratory, Interstellar Center