Stem Cell Biology, Developmental Plasticity, and Cellular Reprogramming


Pradeep Joshi

My research investigates the coordination between cell proliferation and differentiation using C. elegans germline stem cells (GSCs) as a paradigm. Research areas: Role of microRNAs in maintaining adult GSC homeostasis and buffering noise in the underlying gene regulatory network; Non-apoptotic roles of programmed cell death regulators during cellular growth, proliferation, and reprogramming.

Cricket Wood

I participate in and support several different research projects within the lab while managing the day to day running of the lab.

Chee Kiang (Ethan) Ewe

I’m interested in understanding how environmental stress is translated into epigenetic information which can potentially be transmitted transgenerationally and regulate developmental plasticity. I’m also investigating variation in behavioral responses exists among C. elegans wild isolates.

Tsunghan Yeh

My research focus is on gain-of-function screening in C. elegans. This screening is based on the Mos1 transposon and further combined with various inducible systems, including optogenetic, QF/QS, and the Gal4 system. The gain-of-function screening will be applied to studies in trans-organogenesis and longevity.

Ruchira Krishnamurthy

I am currently assisting Caroline Ackley on running gravitaxis assays and understanding the relationship between genetics and C. elegans’ ability to perceive gravity. As part of the gravitaxis project, I have also worked on data visualization in R. This past summer, I collaborated with Ethan Ewe and Caroline to research and present on how atmospheric pressure may play a role in C. elegans migration behavior for the Academic Research Consortium.  

Research Collaborators

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