Stem Cell Biology, Developmental Plasticity, and Cellular Reprogramming


Pradeep Joshi

My research investigates the coordination between cell proliferation and differentiation using C. elegans germline stem cells (GSCs) as a paradigm. Research areas: Role of microRNAs in maintaining adult GSC homeostasis and buffering noise in the underlying gene regulatory network; Non-apoptotic roles of programmed cell death regulators during cellular growth, proliferation, and reprogramming.

Cricket Wood

I participate in and support several different research projects within the lab while managing the day to day running of the lab.

Juwel Chandra Baray

My research is centered on understanding transdifferentiation, transorganogenesis, and the intriguing fields of aging and longevity in the nematode C. elegans. Furthermore, my objective is to bridge the gap between human biology and model organisms by applying these insights to the context of human cells.

Nikola Klier

My research focuses on transcriptomic analysis of the processes we study in the lab. In particular, I am interested in changes in gene regulation during recovery from extreme stress in tardigrades, as well as the transcriptional changes in C. Elegans as they undergo transdifferentiation.

Abhayjit S. Saini

My current research focuses on establishing the role of caspases in mitochondrial purifying selection. I primarily focus on the Programmed Cell Death pathway and the aging pathway and use C elegans as a model organism to understand the mechanism of mtDNA purifying selection in the germline.

Carina Chen

I am working with Juwel Chandra Baray on projects relating to trans-differentiation and longevity in C. elegans. I am interested in the protein models of possible direct reprogramming genes that cause trans-differentiation and in creating a predictive model of the areas of interest for each gene.

Yumiko Florando

I am currently assisting Juwel Chandra Baray in his work studying transdifferentiation, transorganogenesis, aging, and longevity in C. elegans

Ares Zhang


I work under the mentorship of Juwel Chandra Baray, investigating the mechanisms by which developing cells in C. elegans commit to specific differentiated cell types. My research aims to unlock this commitment and reprogram cells to adopt new identities.

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